Holiday homes with local colour

Casa Capena offers two holiday homes: the capacious Casa Galilei, which dates back to Renaissance times, and the compact Casa Marconi, which is a youngster by comparison – a mere two centuries old. Both are located in the historical centre of a thriving village situated near Rome and the Sabine Hills in the region of Lazio.

Lazio has many unsung attractions and is quite different to the nearby regions of Umbria and Tuscany.

The ancient and picturesque Rocca, in the old quarter of Capena

The ancient and picturesque Rocca, in the old quarter of Capena

Despite its proximity to the city centre (it lies just 30km north of Rome along the Via Tiberina), Capena retains a very distinct rural flavour with a refreshing lack of tourists.

The historical centre, a tiny unspoilt village in its own right, is also host to a small, estab­lished group of artists, the best known being Rosina Wacht­meister.

The holiday houses have been in operation for some six years now and they are proving partic­ularly attractive to writers and academics: our returning guests all fall into this category. They offer a comfortable space (warm in winter) with wifi and proper desks/​typing chairs: all the peace and comfort you could want indoors and plenty of local colour and interest when you open the door.

Many of our returning guests have made friends in the village and Capena is unique in offering a real oppor­tunity to be part of local life in this laid-​​back, off-​​beat and friendly community.

The apartments are located in and around the town’s ancient Rocca (depicted in the pictures on this page and in several images in the Capena photo gallery), a small traffic-​​free community made up of a picturesque jumble of houses, stairways and cobbled streets with a relaxed bohemian feel.

“Capena is very special, with warm, genuine hospitality – home from home.”
 Mandi and Clive, Somerset, UK

Entering the old town centre is a little like stepping into a Fellini film or Cinema Paradiso, with life played out around the natural arena of the Piazza del Popolo.

Capena’s chief attractions are the warmth and friend­liness of the residents, good food and drink, local colour and history, proximity to Rome and good road connections.

Lake Bracciano

Lake Bracciano

With excellent public transport links to the capital and an array of good local shops and restaurants, it is easy to do without a car as well.

If you decide to hire a car, in summer you can drive to a couple of idyllic pools or one of the nearby lakes, which boast many amenities: Lake Bracciano, Lake Martignano or Lake Vigo in the crater of a volcano. The coast is 45 minutes by car. In winter, the ski resort of Terminillo is less than an hour’s drive away – or you could soak away the chill in one of the hot springs that abound in the area. Rome and the Sabine Hills are on your doorstep waiting to be discovered at any time of year.

The main motorway to Florence is just 5 km away, giving easy access to places of interest to the north and south of Rome. The capital’s airports, Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) and Ciampino, are both 45 minutes’ drive away.

Two shopping malls containing large super­markets can be found slightly further afield (about 5–10 minutes’ drive away).